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last update: May. 7th, 2011


  • **Notes rush down!** (Oct.15th, 2010) Try to use the latest version. Check troubleshooting page.?
  • **I can't bootup DTXMania067b. It crashes at once!** (May 13th, 2010) It crashes in case you connect multiple joypads. (I strongly recommend you to use the latest version to avoid that trouble)
  • **I can't bootup DTXMania and DTXCreator!!** (Sep. 23rd, 2009) Check troubleshooting page.?
  • **Guitar speed often changes. Why?** (Sep. 14th, 2006) Assign different buttons to Pick and Decide.
  • **I can't see GF screen!** (Oct. 11th, 2007) Set Guitar=ON and Drums=OFF in CONFIGURATION(System).?
  • **I can't play the guitar!** (Dec. 12th, 2005) Maybe no guitar sequences are included in your DTX files. (Guitar sequences are too hard to make, so there are very few Guitar DTXs.)

Release notes

Release notes for DTXMania, DTXCreator and DTXViewer.

For Players

  • Troubleshootings
    • I can't boot DTXManiaGR or DTXCreator.?
    • No BGM sound!!?
    • It doesn't sync between BGM and drums sounds.?
    • Can't playback movie!?
    • Notes rush down!?
  • E-drums compatibilities
    • YAMAHA DD-55, DD-50?
    • Tony Smith DD-1000, Mederi DD502?
    • Roland V-Drum?
    • DrumXtreme (Soul Drummer)?

For DTX data Manipulators

Open Source Information

To meet your strong request, I decided to develop DTXMania in Open Source way. Please see Open Source Information in detail.(To get source code, To check licence, etc)

To talk about DTXMania in user forum

  • DTXMania user forum is in SourceForge.JP forum page.
  • You can post any topics about DTXMania in user forum.
  • However, about bugs and requests, we do questions and answers, discussing and reviewing on the ticket. So don't post about bugs and requests to user forum. See next "Bugs and requests: To submit a ticket" in detail.
  • You can anonymous post to the forum if you don't have accounts on SourceForge.JP.
  • If you want to post some questions, please check DTXMania English resource center first. You may find answers in it.

Bugs and Requests: To submit a ticket

  • In DTXMania project, all development operations are based on ticket. So if you have request which need to develop/modify something, please Submit New Ticket to let us know. (Don't use user forum about it.)
  • After submitted the ticket, please use Comment feature in the ticket to discuss and review about the ticket.
  • Of cource, in case your request is not enough to clear, you can discuss about it in forum, and you can submit ticket with quoting the article in the forum. If you do so, you'll continue the discussing in the ticket.
  • If you have several requests or reports, please submit tickets with keeping one ticket per one request (or report). Don't submit a ticket which have several several requests.
  • If you don't have SourceForge.JP account, you can submit a ticket with anonymous.
    However, I recommend you to get SourceForge.JP account, because you'll get E-mail whenever someone add comment to your ticket....it's useful.