• How to reset scores already recorded??
  • How to make subfolder to arrange my DTX files??
  • How to configure judgement severity??
  • Is there any way to delete purple tom lane??
  • How to change skins??
  • At the beginning, DTXMania access to the Internet without any permissions. Is it a virus infected??
  • I'd like to link to the DTXMania site.?

 *?How to reset scores already recorded?

DTXMania records your play history, rank and skill informations etc in each song data.

In case you'd like to reset them, open the folder where the song(DTX data) is, and delete files named [DTXfilename].score.ini. It contains the record informations and you can reset them by delete it.

Here is a sample. See the figure below. There is a DTX file named nama4a_adv(.dtx), and it has a record file named nama4a_adv.score(.ini). (Whether the file extention is displayed or not depends on your Explorer configuration.) To reset the record for nama4a_adv(.dtx), delete nama4a_adv.score(.ini).

last update: May 4th, 2009

 *?How to make subfolder to arrange my DTX files?

There are 2 ways to make subfolders.

  • First way: (DTXFiles.YourFavoriteSubfolderName)

    For example, in case you want to make subfolder named "Jazz", just to make the folder "DTXFiles.Jazz".

    After making the folder, move the DTX data to the DTXFiles.Jazz folder what you want to specify under Jazz subfolder.

    Then, open DTXMania. As the result, there is "Jazz" subfolder like the figures below.

    If you don't make the folder begin with "DTXFiles.", it doesn't handle with subfolder and wuold be listed on DTXMania flatly.

    p.s. you can make sub-subfolder in the same way.

Ref: You configure like the upper figure. As the result, it becomes like the lower figure.

  • *?Second way: (box.def)

    You can use the way on DTXMania Release 059 and above. Make folder with any name, and make the file named box.def. (You don't have to set name like DTXFiles.xxxxx.) The contents of box.def is like this;
#TITLE: FROM DTX Collection
#COMMENT: Dazzling floor-tom sequences.

#PREIMAGE: preimage.jpg  (or #PREMOVIE: premovie.avi)
#PREVIEW: preview.wav
#PERFECTRANGE: 34        (Release 068 (080427) or later)
#GREATRANGE: 67          (Release 068 (080427) or later)
#GOODRANGE: 84           (Release 068 (080427) or later)
#POORRANGE: 117          (Release 068 (080427) or later)

See box.def file specifications? for the detail.

last upadte: May 8th, 2009

 *?How to configure judgement severity?

Open "Config.ini" and edit it to configure judgement timing range

In old DTXMania versions, the default settings are;


; Perfect-Poor range[ms]
; (in Japanese: Perfect〜Poor とみなされる範囲[ms])

It means that it would become Perfect if you hit the pad within the range just timing +-50ms, and would become Great within +=80ms, ... and so on.

In Release 064b and above, they has a little tight hit-ranges like


; Perfect-Poor range[ms]
; (in Japanese: Perfect〜Poor とみなされる範囲[ms])

But I (yyagi; Q&A staff) believe you should configure them more tightly (strictly) if you want to be a "real" drummer.

In DTXManiaGR Relase 068 and above, you can configure these ranges by box.def?, too. It can change ranges for each MUSIC BOX (subfolders).

last update: May 8th, 2009

 *?Is there any way to delete purple tom lane?

So far there are many many requests about it.
But it would never be deleted because the Floor-tom (purple lane) is the raisond'etre of DTXMania..... It's FROM's policy, as if it were Uberzeugungserbrechen.

last update: May 5th, 2009

 *?How to change skins?

It depends on the DTXMania versions. There are several 3 types ... for "064b061229 and above", "059-063b060518", and "055b and before" These 3 types have 3 different skin structure, so you have to match the skin type and DTXMania versions.

1.**for Release 064b061229 and above**

In DTXManiaGR.exe folder, there is a folder named "System", and in the folder there is "Graphics" folder.Please copy (overwrite) skin image data to the "Graphics" folder. In the same way, copy (overwrite) skin sound data to the "Sounds" folder.

The relationship between sound filenames and features are;

suond file features
Move.ogg focus moving sound
Decide.ogg decide sound
Change.ogg change sound
Cancel.ogg cancel sound
Audience.ogg Fill-in, Wailing sound
(*) on Release 065b070610 and above, you can change them in each DTX data by using Ch.1F?, Ch.2F? and Ch.AF?.
Stage failed.ogg game over sound
(*) on Release 068(080511) and above, you can change it in each DTX data by #SOUND_STAGEFAILED?. (Note that DTXMania doesn't wait in FAILED screen until the sound plyback completes.)
Game start.ogg [GAME START] sound in the title screen
Game end.ogg [EXIT] sound in the title screen
(*) Note that DTXMania waits in the screen until the sound playback completes. (But there are some old versions which doesn't wait :-)
Stage clear.ogg stage clear sound
(*) on Release 065b070610 and above, you can change it in DTX data by #RESULTSOUND? or #RESULTSOUND_xx?.
Full combo.ogg at full-combo sound in the result screen
(*) on 068(080511) and above, you can change it in DTX data by #SOUND_FULLCOMBO?
Now loading.ogg Now loading screen sound
(*) on 068(080511) and above, you can change it in DTX data by #SOUND_NOWLOADING?
Title.ogg BGM in title screen
Setup BGM.ogg BGM while booting DTXMania
Option BGM.ogg BGM in OPTION screen
Select BGM.ogg BGM in screen
(*) The priority is; #PREVIEW in DTX data? > #PREVIEW in box.def? > Select BGM.ogg

**The skins for DTXMania(063b060518 and before) can't apply to DTXMania 064b061129 and above.**

If you want to make you original skin for 064b061129 and above, note that the image parts are more subdivided than the old version, and alpha is used.

2. **for Release 059-061-063b060518**

There is "myskin" folder in "sysdata" folder. Copy your skin (image/sound) data to "myskin" folder.

The relationship between sound files and features are;

type filename loop playback exclusive playback note
moving focus sd_move.wav No No
decide sd_decide.wav No No
audience sd_audience.wav No No
change sd_change.wav No No
cancel sd_cancel.wav No No
StageFailed sd_failed.wav No Yes
SETUP sd_setup.wav Yes Yes
title sd_title.wav No Yes
start game sd_gamestart.wav No Yes
option screen sd_option.wav No Yes
configuration screen sd_config.wav No Yes
exiting game sd_exit.wav No Yes DTXMania waits in the exiting screen until completing the playback sound.
select music screen sd_selectmusic.wav No Yes
at stage clear sd_stageclear.wav No Yes
at full combo sd_fullcombo.wav No No
nowloading screen sd_nowloading.wav No Yes DTXMania waits in nowloading screen until "sound playback complete time minus 1 sec"

In case DTXMania start to play sound that "Exclusive=Yes", stop playing "Exclusive=Yes" sound in advance.

And "Loop=Yes" sound would be loop-playbacked. (Don't use mp3 sound for loop-suond. mp3 sound must has very little no-sound time on the head, and the loop is breaked at the beginning of the loop.)

You can configure these filenames and parameters by editing the file Skin.ini. Normally, Skin.ini file is in System folder. Please copy it to myskin folder and edit Skin.ini in myskin folder. to configure.

Here are configurable options;

    • system sound filenames
Ex.  StageSelect=sd_selectmusic.wav
    • Loop or not (Add "_Loop" at the bottom of item. 0:No, 1:Yes)
Ex.  StageSelect_Loop=1
    • Exclusive or not (Add "_Exclusive" at the bottom of item. 0:No, 1:Yes)
Ex.  StageSelect_Exclusive=1

Don't delete Skin.ini file. It doesn't recover automatically (like Config.ini).

**You can't apply skins for [Release 055b and before] and [Release 064b061229 and above] to the Release 059-061-063b060518.**

3. **for Release 055b and before**

Skin data are included in "data" folder where DTXMania.exe is.You can change skin by replacing the file in "data" folder.

**The skin data for Release 059 and above can't apply to the Release 055b.**

If you want to make skin for 055b, note that image parts contain not only png and jpeg files, but also dds files.

You can edit dds file by DirectX Texture Tool included in DirectX SDK. (DirectX Texture Tool is not included normal runtime / redist package. You have to install SDK to get DirectX Texture Tool.)

last updaet: May 9th, 2009

 *?At the beginning, DTXMania access to the Internet without any permissions. Is it a virus infected?

Some old DTXMania versions access to the Internet at opening. It comes from the old development environment and you can disable it by configuring Internet Explorer.

Open Internet Explorer and select [Tool] - [Internet Options...] from the menu. Click [Advanced] tab and see [Security] item. There is [Check for publisher's certificate revocation] checkbox. Please check it OFF. It makes DTXMania not to access to the Internet.

last update: May 6th, 2009

 *?I'd like to link to the DTXMania site.

You can link to any DTXMania sites freely. (You can deeplink, too)

last update: May 6th, 2009