DTXMania troubleshootings

  • I can't boot DTXManiaGR or DTXCreator.?
  • No BGM sound.?
  • It doesn't sync between BGM and drums sounds.?
  • Can't playback movie!?
  • Notes rush down!?

 *? I can't boot DTXManiaGR or DTXCreator.

  • **x64 OS issue**
    Current DTXManiaGR and DTXCreator don't work on x64 OS. You'll encount GPF as soon as you start exe file. (I recognize it. Now investigating.)
    -> You can use DTXMania075 (and above) and DTXCreator020 on x64 OS.
  • **"SoundDecoder.dll is not found."**
    If you encount the error, try to use alternative version of SoundDecoder.dll.
  • **.NET Framework issue**
    You have to install .NET Framework 2.0 and above to work DTXCretor and DTXMania 068 and above.
    You can install .NET Framework 2.0 via Windows Update. Note that you have to select "Custom Install" instead of "Express Install".
    (On March 1st, 2009: It seems that .NET Framework package is shown on the Windows Update (Custom Install) as "Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update (KB951847) x86". It contains .NET Framework 2.0 packages.)
  • **DirectX issue**
    You have to install DirectX November 2008 February 2010 or later **LATEST version** to work DTXMania 070 and above. I think many people may use old DirectX version...
    And you have to install DirectX via Web Installer to install Managed DirectX at once. Don't use redistributable installer package.
    Note: You have to install .NET Framework 2.0 first to install Managed DirectX.
  • **Visual C++ runtime issue**
    You have to install both Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package to work DTXMania 070.
    -> Current DTXMania and DTXCreator contain these libraries in the archives. You don't have to install it any more.
  • ** Managed DirectX issue**
    You have to install it to work DTXMania 068-069 or DTXCreator 001-019.
    To install it, first of all, install .NET Framework 2.0 and above. Next, install DirectX via Web Installer. Web Install recognize .NET Framework and it install Managed DirectX with (normal) DirectX.

    -> Current DTXMania and DTXCreator don't require Managed DirectX.
last update: July 17th, 2010

 *? No BGM sound.

  1. **Install codec (especially ACM MP3 codec)**
    Please install ACM MP3 codec directly.
    Note that DTXMania doesn't support DirectShow filter.
    Especially for Vista, I recommend you Vista Codec Packages (freeware)
    (Note: However the most proper recommendation is to use ogg format.)

  2. **Check your audio settings.**
    Someone says "I use X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion Series, I update my sound driver to March 2008 version, and as the result DTXMania can't play sounds at all\!\!" (FROM answers "How about trying ALchemy, as the hardware acceleration takes effect")
    Someone says "I use Creative Professional E-MU 1212M and DTXMania doesn't play sounds at all. So I changed the output sampling rate from 44.1KHz to 48KHz, and DTXMania can play sounds well\!\!"

  3. **Make more free memories. :-)**
    When DTXMania start playing song, DTXMania decodes all sound files which the song uses, and keeps them in the physical contiguous memories. (large raw-wavs needs large non-fragmented physical memories.)
    FROM investigates that memory fragmentation issues for a long time, but currently no answers.

    On 069 and above, DTXMania uses streaming playback feature to avoid that fragmentation issues. So you should use newer version.

  4. **Make BGM file with ogg format.**
    DTXMania plays ogg sounds all supported sound formats with the streaming technology, and you don't have to install any codecs to use ogg (DTXMania decodes *.ogg by itself, but it is not applied to RIFF chunked oggs). I strongly recommend you to use ogg to avoid codec troubles at the players' side.
last update: October 1st, 2009

 *?It doesn't sync between BGM and drums sounds.

First of all, you should set "AdjustWaves"=ON (Wave playign position automatic correction feature) in CONFIGURATION. It suppresses the lag which comes from the difference of H/W or OS. (however it may occur petit noise.)

Moreover, in case DTXMania Release 066b071015 and above, you can use "BGM Adjust" feature to slide the BGM time position.

See the right figure. the "chip" in the left side and center of "BGM (before adjusting)" are the "playing before adjusting". Originally, the chip should be placed on where "dot-line enclosed translucent yellow boxes" are, but the chips' postitons are 10ms-delayed.

On this occasion, push [Shift]-[up arrow] in the playing screen to shift the BGM position (timing), and you could adjust the syncing.

Push [Shift]+[up arrow] to delay the BGM about 10ms, and [Shift]+[down arrow] to haste the BGM about 10ms. For more accuracy, push [Shift]+[ctrl]+[up arrow] to delay the BGM about 1ms, and [Shift]+[ctrl]+[down arrow] to haste the BGM about 1ms.

You can check the current shift amounts by pushing [Del] in the playing screen.

And the amounts is saved to .score.ini file, and resumed automatically in each play.

If AdjustWaves=ON have no effect, or there are much lags on DTXViewer, check these items below;
(Note: Interenally, DTXViewer is configured as AdjustWave=ON.)

  1. **At the autoplay, chip effect starts in advance and the sound comes later? or, by contraries, sound starts in advance and the chip effect comes later?**
    In case chip sound comes later, go to 2.
    In case chip effect comes later, it seems that it comes from the poorness of display adaptor drawing power.
    The poor performance of display adaptor, sound card and CPU etc may cause the lag. (In practical, I know there are many PCs which involves the lag factors..)
    You may be surprised to hear that the most important factor to work DTXMania comfortable is the !"3D performance"! of display adapter.

  2. **Try to play DTXMania by keyboard. (You don't have to play all lanes with keyboard. e.g. snare only, etc.) At that time, the lag occurs?**
    The keyboard is the device which has the minimum latency for the DTXMania. So, if you feel lags with playing keyboard, the lags don't come from the keyboard. Check below;

    • **Performance settings for Audio playback.**
      You may improbe the audio playback performance by changing the audio property.? Especially, on XP, the default settings is not well-performanced one.

    • **Software MIDI sound.**
      In case you're using software MIDI, it may causes a lag. Because software MIDI sound has a large latency.
      So, you should check in the Control panel that the Sound playback device (not MIDI music playback device) is assinged to the Software MIDI device or not. If software MIDI sound device is selected, please select other hardware sound device ... like "Sound Blaster 16", "Native Audio" and so on.

    • **Others**
      There is a few possibility that "Originally, DTX author makes DTX with laggy environment".
      For example, DTX author uses DTXMania with AdjustWaves=OFF, and you are using with ON. In that case, it may take effect to set AdjustWaves=OFF.

    • **Others 2nd**
      Someone says Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series may cause a lag. If you are using it, please let me know whether you feel lag or not to me.

  3. **Hitting DTX pad causes flashing the lane background. Does the flashing delay too (same as the sound delays)? or, flashing comes at once, and the sound delays?**
    If the flashing delay too (same as the sound delays), the cable (connecting between PC and DTX/JoyPad etc) or the cable driver (USB-MIDI driver etc).
    Now I don't have the critical solution about it. There some "feeling better" solution like that;
    • VSyncWait=OFF and tune NoSyncSleep in CONFIGURATION.
      Note: NoSyncSleep is not there on Release 068 and abobe. It is tuned by DirectX9 automatically.

    • For USB cable, stabilize USB power.

      • Release other USB devices.

      • Connect AC adptor to the USB HUB. (to change self-power to bus-power)

      • Connect to PC USB port directly (to skip USB HUB)

      • Use other PC USB port

    • Change cable (if you can). If you're using converter to use PlayStaiton JOYPAD, don't use the cable which can connect two PS JOYPADs to the single cable. It is not well-responced.

    • In case a part of buttons' responces are poor, check the button is assigned as the "axis". (Buttons' responces are good, but axis' are not so much.)

    • Don't assign same button to both hi-hat open and close. Don't assign same button to both cymbal and ride. If you assign same button to the grouped single lane, twice responces come by single hit.

    • Assign at least two buttons to the ride-cymbal and open-hihat. If you don't do so, rolling hits are not accepted well.
last update: March 22nd, 2009

 *? Can't playback movie!

You need to install codecs which the movie uses.

Usually, DivX is used for non-Japanese DTX movie. In Japanese DTX movie, DivX, MS-MPEG4V2 or WMV9 are used.

  • *? //**DivX**//
    Go DivX site and download/install DivX for Windows.

*? For experts:
DTXMania supports only "Video for Windows codecs", not "DirectShow filter". That's the reason why many people say "I can playback avi file by WMP, but can't in DTXMania."

last update: May 14th, 2008

 *? Notes rush down!

It is locale issue.

To represent decimal point in BPM, Some country uses "." (dot, period), and another uses "," (comma).

If "." is used in DTX file, and your country uses ",", then the issue occurs.
(For example, the right figure shows BPM=8990 but that DTX file specifies BPM=89.90)

Most dtx files uses "." as the decimal point(because many DTX manipulators lives in countries which uses "." as the decimal point). So, if you use comma as the decimal point in your country, you'll encount the issue.

You can avoid the issue by two ways:

  • **Use DTXMania087 (and above) / DTXCreator022 (and above)**
    This is our recommendation.
    Current DTXMania and DTXCreator supports both comma and period for BPM (and bar length) value.
  • **Edit DTX file by yourself**
    Open DTX files with notepad, then replace "#BPM: 123.45" to "#BPM: 123,45", and so on.
    However, I don't recommend the way because modified DTX file occcurs difference from original one. If you don't use original one, you may suffer serious disadvantage in IR (Internet Ranking) events. (To reject cheats, many IR checks hash value of DTX files).
  • **Use AppLocale utility**
    I recommend this way.(But I don't check yet whether it works or not. sorry)
    To use AppLocale utility, you can solve the issue, I hope. You can set the locale of DTXManiaGR.exe to "Japanese". You should do so to DTXCreator and DTXViewer, not to make DTX file using "," in BPM.
    After using AppLocale utility, you may encount another setup issue ... Windows Installer is affected by AppLocale settings. To avoid it, you should do
    1. Open C:/Windows/apppatch/apploc.tmp by notepad.
    2. You'll see strange characters. Delete all characters, and save it. (in another word, set apploc.tmp file to 0 byte.)
    3. Right click on apploc.tmp file, and select "Property".
    4. Enable "Read-only" and click "OK".
last update: January 16th, 2011