DTXMania basic operations

  • How to change the score difficulty??
  • How to see guitar-only screen??
  • Let me know the basic operations.?

 *?How to change the score difficulty?

Hit Hi-hat twice to change the score difficulty. Some score data have several difficulties (BASIC, ADVANCED and EXTREME etc).

For these songs, you can change the score difficulties by hitting hi-hat twice.
(On keyboard, in default, push [Z] quicky twice)

See also: How to group several DTX files (with different levels) into the single title? How to make set.def file??

last update: May 1st, 2009

 *?How to see guitar-only screen?

In DTXMania Release 059 and above, you can use guitar-only screen (Guitar Revolution screen) to play the guitar.

Guitar Revolution screen.(The score is COLORFUL (SWEEZ & Meine Meinung))

You can see the screen by setting Guitar=ON and !!Drums=OFF!! in CONFIGURATION.

BTW, of course, you need to prepare the guitar score data to play the guitar.

last update: May 1st, 2009

 *?Let me know the basic operations.

  • Basic operations: (UP/DOWN, decide and playing)
    • For keyboard: up/down arrow button to move the focus. [Enter] to decide.

      However, in release 066b071915 and above, the Guitar-decision button is changed to ']' by default. If you change the 'Decide button' to the same as 'Pick button', scroll speed changes often in playing. Here is other deafult key binds;

    • For drums: Snare to move up, low-tom to move down and cymbal to decide.
      Hi-hat twice to change the score difficulty, bass-drum twice to change the scroll speed and floot-tom to exit MUSIC BOX (go upstairs).

    • For guitar/bass: Red button to move up, blue button to go down and START button to decide.
  • at MUSIC SELECT screen
Features Drums Guitar/Bass Notes
Select music =down
In case you select music by the buitar/bass, the scores which contains guitar/bass scores are emphasized.
Change score difficulty twice With pushing , twice Grouped score files (by set.def file) are required.?
Go to OPTION screen [SHIFT] + [F1] [SHIFT] + [F1] To change Guitar/Drum ON/OFF etc.
Go to CONFIGURATION screen [SHIFT] + [F2] [SHIFT] + [F2] Available on Release 062b060304 and above. To change AUTO settings, playspeed etc.
Exit from current MUSIC BOX (go upstairs) Select [<< Back] or or [SELECT] Select [<< Back] or [SELECT]
Switch fullscreen/window mode [Alt] + [Enter] [Alt] + [Enter]
  • at PLAYING screen
Features Drums Guitar/Bass Notes
Playing (omit) (omit)
Stop playing [ESC] [Cancel] button
(Normally assigned to [ESC] button)
Change scroll speed [up] [down] arrows [up] [down] arrows
Pause / resume [SHIFT] + [F1] [SHIFT] + [F1]
Show/hide score infomations [Del] [Del] FPS, BPM, playing time and bar numbers are displayed. It is equal to DebugInfo in CONFIGURATION.
Switch fullscreen/window mode [Alt] + [Enter] [Alt] + [Enter] You should not change it while playing.
last update: May 1st, 2009