How to play xa file easily?

Here is a way to play xa file with double click.

First of all, do you have "WAV to XA"? (I believe you must have it because you are interested in play xa file) If you don't have it, you can donwnload "WAV to XA".?In the "WAV to XA" archive, there is xa.exe . Please copy it to the folder where you like. (I copied it to the C\:\bin\.So the explanations supporse so.)

Quick summary: Associate the file extension "xa" to "xa.exe -p".

 Case 1. for Win98/2k/Me/XP

1. Click [Start] - [My Computer] to show "My Computer" window.

2. On the "My Computer" window, click [Tools] - [Folder Options...]
(Note: [View] - [Folder Options...] for Windows98 / Windows 98 Second Edition. )

3. "Folder Options" window appears. Click "File Types" tab and (wait a while to show all registered file types and) click [New] button.

4. "Create New Extensions" window appears. Enter xa in [File Extension] textbox and click [OK].

5. You back to "Folder Options" window. Check the "XA File" is added as theregistered file types. In addition to that select "XA File" and click [Advanced] button.
(Notice: DON'T CLICK [Change] BUTTON!! In case you've clicked it, you must [Delete] "XA File" and retry steps from 3.

6. "Edit File Type" window opens. Enter XA file in the text area and click [Change Icon...] button.

7. Many icons appears. Choose favorite one and click [OK].
(The icon what you choose becomes icon for xa file. I choose note icon here.)

8. Check the left-top icon is changed to what you selected. Next, click [New] button to define action for double click.

9. "New Action" window opens. Enter open in the "Action" box and click [Browse...] button.

10. You have to choose application when you double-click xa file. Select xa.exe what you already prepared and click [OK].
(I select C:\bin\xa.exe here.)

11. You back to "New Action" window. Check the selected application is in "Application used to perform action" area,and add -p "%1" there. (See the figure)
and click [OK].
(Note: if the apllication path is quoted like "C:\bin\xa.exe", don't delete quote.... "C:\bin\xa.exe" -p "%1".

12. You back to "Edit File Type" window. Check the icon is selected one, and the description is what you entered, and the "Actions" is open. Click [OK] to continue.

13. You back to "Folder Options" window. Check the icon for XA file is what you selected, and "Open with" is defined as "xa". Please [Close] to finish settings.

14. Now you can play xa file by double clicking. Open the folder which has xa files. You can see the icon for XA file is changed. Please double click the xa file to play it. (Though DOS prompt appers for a moment, you can play it.)

 Case 2. for Vista

1. Click [Start] - [All Programs] - [Accessories], and right-click "Command Prompt", and click "Run as administrator". If you encount UAC dialog, click [Continue].

2. In the command prompt window, enter

assoc .xa=XAfile

As the result, you'll see


if it success. Next, enter

ftype XAfile="c:\bin\xa.exe" -p "%1"

(You should change the path "c:\bin\xa.exe" to where you really copied)
Note that you must quot %1 with double quoatations.

As the result, you'll see

XAfile="c:\bin\xa.exe" -p "%1" 

if it success.

Now you finished settings. After that, you can play xa file by double-clicking. (Though DOS prompt appers for a moment.)
In case you wish to change xa file icon, you must edit registry.

last update: February 1st, 2009